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Problem-Solvers for Radio

More than 30 gadgets, gizmos and small utility products

Cover of Radio World ebook on problem solvers july 2022, showing a conceptual image of a head with icons around it suggesting problem-solvingWhat’s a cheap way to generate wiring labels?

How can you create an automatic alert that tells you an audio channel has gone silent?

How can you avoid problems due to a flaky UPS at your RF site?

What’s an inexpensive way to create a secure, high-speed point-to-point link for utility purposes?

How can you control an LED-driven 12V on-air light?

Questions like these are answered in the new ebook “Problem-Solvers for Radio.” You’ll find more than 30 gadgets, gizmos and small utility products, from USB audio interfaces and internet telco widgets to 1/3-rack audio processors and intelligent relay devices. Also read interviews with five leading manufacturers of problem-solvers.

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