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Spectacular Radio Studios 2023

A special double-size ebook featuring 15 new studio projects

Cover of ebook showing the exterior of the headquarters building for WOSU radio stationThe release of the annual Radio World ebook about new studios is officially an event!

A year ago we decided to try something new and publish an ebook about nothing but new or recent studio projects. It was a smash hit, with more people opening it than any other since we launched RW ebooks more than a decade earlier.

So let’s make it a tradition!

The link below will take you to a brand-new, double-length ebook featuring stories and photos of 15 fresh studio projects in five countries, from broadcasters and audio companies like Beasley, Spotify, CH Media, KMFA(FM), Ohio State University and WXOX(LP).

Engineers and managers love getting a look at new studios, especially if they can learn something from them. They enjoy seeing how their peers choose new equipment, design an aesthetic and lay out their workflows. Truth is, we love it too.

Read it here!