Hey Radio, Here Comes the TV Repack

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Hey Radio! Here Comes the TV Repack ebook cover

FM transmitter chains often are co-located on TV towers or close by in antenna farms. They face outages and/or power reductions of unknown duration to protect tower crews from excessive RF radiation. There is also a potential for short-term or permanent site relocation, along with a host of other issues.

Radio World’s latest eBook asks industry experts how stations should prepare for the repack and what they can expect. Read it here.


AM Translators: What's Next? ebook cover

AM Translators: What's Next?

Stay on top of developments in this rapidly expanding segment of the U.S. radio broadcast industry. The sector is fast-moving — and FM translator planning is a whole topic in itself.

The Modern Radio Studio ebook cover

The Modern Radio Studio

What does it take in the 21st century to design and build an efficient, cost-effective, forward-looking radio studio? The latest Radio World International eBook, “The Modern Radio Studio,” discusses issues broadcasters need to consider when refitting an entire network, or building a large or small single radio station. It provides examples of successful studio builds as well as offering tips from top global radio technologists about how to best plan or modernize one’s facilities, and more.

Radio's Role in Developing Countries ebook

Radio's Role in Developing Countries

Radio is the primary communications medium in many developing countries. It is able to reach millions and has a vast impact on societies facing adversity. What are the obstacles and opportunities for radio broadcasters in these regions and how can stations benefit from their unique position, while ensuring social development for local populations?