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Inside the Nov. 21, 2018 Issue of Radio World

Read about why the NAB is pushing the FCC to abandon its "sliding scale" reimbursement plans and more

Read about why the NAB is pushing the FCC to abandon its “sliding scale” reimbursement plans for stations affected by the repack. Learn about virtualization’s potential role in the broadcast plant, and get the skinny on all things streaming, podcasting, online content delivery in this month’s Buyer’s Guide. Also, pick up some troubleshooting tips from Mark Persons. And the NRSC proof debate rages on as readers write in.

SBE Puts Forth C-Band Alternative

The leading organization of U.S. radio and TV engineers wants the Federal Communications Commission to rethink its ideas about using C-band frequencies in support of the 5G rollout. The FCC earlier this year invited comment on future uses of the 3.7–4.2 GHz band while protecting incumbent C-band satellite earth stations from harmful interference. 

Voice-Controlled Hybrid Radio Demonstrated

Smart speakers offer a way for broadcasters to engage younger audiences with content that is traditionally carried by linear, over-the-air radio services. However, all smart speaker devices currently utilize streaming delivery and lack the ability to receive over-the-air content from broadcast services, thus losing the principal advantages of over-the-air delivery.


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