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Inside the Oct. 24, 2018 Issue of Radio World

Read excerpts from FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly's speech to the fall Radio Show and more

Read excerpts from FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly’s speech to the fall Radio Show, in which he addressed issues related to possible changes in radio’ s subcap ownership rules, plus Randy Stine explores why the NextRadio app’s days are likely ending soon. Also, Editor in Chief Paul McLane congratulates David Bialik, who was recently acknowledged by the Audio Engineering Society with its Distinguished Service Award. We also share the Signal Monitoring, Remote Control, Test & EAS Buyer’s Guide and lots of letters from readers.

A Sampler of Common-Sense Helpers

With the holidays coming up, columnist Mark Persons offers a cornucopia of useful suggestions.

Smart Speakers Lead Consumer Trends in Audio

Consumer demand for smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home and the convenience that comes with them continues to push traditional radio further into the digital world, according to CTA’s research. Smart speakers and on-demand audio have quickly become in vogue when it comes to satisfying consumers’ appetite for audio consumption, including radio streaming.


  • Kudos to One Hard-Working Dude at AES
  • O’Rielly Looks at the Subcap Question
  • A Moment in Recorded History Goes Up in Smoke