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Webcast Explores Future of Radio in the Car

Free webinar highlights DTS AutoStage and all-digital AM in U.S.

DTS AutoStage, Xperi
DTS AutoStage promo image

The author is editor in chief of Radio World.

A free Radio World webcast explores key automotive technology initiatives of Xperi. Access it now, on-demand.

I interviewed executives with the technology company about its current initiatives in several areas. This webcast is co-sponsored by Xperi and Radio World, and is free to attend.

First we get a look behind the curtains at the Xperi/TiVo merger, which the company says has had a dramatic impact on its offerings thanks to TiVo’s content aggregation, discovery and recommendation engines. What does that mean for radio?

Also we get an update on the rollout of all-digital HD Radio for the AM band in the United States. Now that the FCC has allowed the option, I asked what broadcasters should know about licensing, costs and the experiences of the first adopters, including Hubbard’s WWFD in Maryland, which tested the technology, and WMGG in Florida, which was an early adopter and broadcast this year’s Super Bowl in Spanish.

And we learn about DTS AutoStage, the company’s global hybrid infotainment platform, which recently launched in the Daimler MBUX and is heard in new Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars. With everything going on right now around hybrid radio platforms and car infotainment systems, this is an important topic.

You can access it here.