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“Oh, Boy! We’re Radio Engineers!”

Engineering education can never start too soon

Many if not most engineers can tell you when they realized that they wanted to be an engineer. They can point to seeing something, reading something, visiting something, talking to someone … I wonder if anyone was swayed by a commercial?

Your Own Radio Station!
There’s a great soundbite here … “Oh, boy, we’re radio engineers!” It’s a funny old commercial from the 1960s about a “radio station” for kids. Okay, so in fact, it’s a radio with a mic attached to talk over the radio but if you’re a kid, you probably didn’t care.

Library Pass
Here’s a free application that allows you to access library eBooks, audio books, and videos through all our public libraries. It works over about every platform from an iPhone to Android, from Windows to a Mac.

Netflix “Hidden Movie Categories”
I’m not a Netflix customer so I don’t know anything about it; and with all the bogus stuff on the internet, I try to filter that stuff out of this blog (and, thank goodness, Brett Moss at Radio World QCs this stuff for me) but this seems “legit.” ☺ So if you’re into Netflix, maybe there’s something here for you.

Alternative Music History
If you love alternative music, you’re going to like this map (Note: engineers will also like the look of this map!) — from The Ramones to The Smiths and everything in between.

Gilligan’s Island
Many of us grew up with “The Brady Bunch” or “Gilligan’s Island.” Here’s a video of the story behind “Gilligan’s Island.”

And finally …
Little things you learn “along the way.” Here’s the magic of cleaning with baking soda.

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