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38 Pounds of KISS

Dan’s random net surfing yields a haul

For this edition of Off the Beaten Path, just for fun we browse different sites from the internet which were just oddities and miscellaneous stuff.

Food, Glorious Food
Over the years, we’ve seen restaurant chains come and go. Others have “evolved” (or devolved) if you consider how good they were when you were a kid and how things taste today (or maybe you are just a little more discerning with your taste). Here are two links which might be a trip down memory lane for you. As for me, I remember Burger Queen (yes, QUEEN), Elby’s, L&K, and Chi-Chi’s among others. Which ones do you remember?

BIG Kiss
Are you a big Kiss fan? You say you just can’t get enough of the make-up and heals? Well here ya’ go! A self Christmas gift may be in store for you with their 38-pound box set! (Not sure when music was measured by weight but this might be a record! Pun intended.) For only $2,000, it’s yours!

Disney Would Be Proud
As a fan of Walt Disney’s work, it’s fun to notice how the change of perspective (reducing the floors of buildings on Main Street at Disney’s parks) creates a great visual illusion. You even see that at the NAB Convention in Vegas all over the place including the New York, New York casino where their restaurant area uses this illusion. From Iceland comes a great way to get people to slow down by painting crosswalks with different colors to create depth and “a floating crosswalk.”

Hidden Designs
Here are 15 everyday things around you and “hidden designs” that make them better. I had to laugh at some of these “hidden designs” as they are sort-of “no brainers.”

Conference Calls
If you use free services for your station or business via the web, please let me know what they are so I might share them here. Here’s one I found from UberConference for conference calling. There’s a free plan for up to 10 participants. It includes screen and document sharing, call recording, and some other features.

Honorably Discharged Vets New Benefit
If you’re a honorably discharged vet (like me), you now have a new benefit you might not have heard about. Remember being overseas and shopping at the BX (or your service’s military exchange store… or for civilians, the military equivalent to a Walmart) and the commissary? Now you can relive the fun and excitement of shopping at the BX thanks to a change that allows you to register and shop on-line at the exchange. Here’s the story which includes a link to

And finally …
NASA is always providing us with cool stuff about “Space, The Final Frontier” (my little Star Trek reference). From NASA comes beautiful views of Jupiter.

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].