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Some Opening Day Audiences

Nielsen provides some audience numbers

Opening day for the baseball season always gets attention. Ballparks sell out. Some fans skip work for the day (or leave early) while others surreptitiously follow the game while pretending to work.

Baseball and radio have a storied relationship.

Nielsen has released some opening day radio numbers and they make interesting reading. See here.

One quick takeaway is that radio stations carrying the games of successful teams might do pretty well audience-wise. Get a gander at those numbers in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Both teams were at home, which no doubt helped. St. Louis and San Francisco, both on the road, also gathered some nice numbers. All four of those teams drew fairly well with women too.

Boston, also traveling, wasn’t too bad, either.

Interestingly, the Baltimore Orioles, at home, did well with men but had an almost non-existent female audience.

The two weaker teams with numbers available, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs struck out with their listeners. Particularly embarrassing was Arizona’s performance since they were at home. Well, 161 more games to improve their lot.