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Looking at LPFM — The Third

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Previously, in this column our subject was LPFMs “Part Deux.” This week a follow up with some more sites for those with an interest in LPFmers.

LPFMers are moving along getting their stations on the air and with the influx of CPs, there are more LPFMs going on the air everyday. After the last Off the Beaten Path, reader Sharon Scott sent me some interesting links.

LPFM Facebook Groups
LPFM Solidarity
Some familiar names and faces behind LPFM mix and mingle between various support groups and through several websites. You’ll see some regular players in this group and but it provides a lot of information. My only concern is that sometime people can be “less than kind” when commenting about a question or idea. You just need to either ignore these people or avoid groups with members that can’t respond without (as my mother-in-law says) “being smarmy.”

LPFM Tech Advice
This group of just under 400 members has some great pics of start-up LPFMs from the “very low budget” to some very professional looking set-ups. If you are on Facebook and into these groups, you might also look up and join some other LPFM station groups to share ideas.

LPFM Marketing, Promotion, and Underwriting
This is a small Facebook group with just over 60 members, but actually it has some valuable information to share.

Radio Survivor
This is a well-polished and informative website. It’s nice because it also doesn’t just focus on LPFMs, but other nonprofit groups like college stations, podcasters, etc. My thinking has always been, don’t focus on those you are like, but those you want to be more like. There are a lot of broadcasters/communicators doing incredible jobs. Maybe your next great idea doesn’t come from a fellow LPFM station but a commercial station or college station.

Several of Radio Survivor’s writers have contributed articles to Radio World in the past.

Grassroots Radio
This is a group for networking in “grass roots radio.” There may be something of interest for you with this group. At the very least, they look like a fun group of people since their conference includes cookouts, after-hours parties, a wine bar and a blues band.

And finally …
If you’re past your 30s, maybe 40s, you’ll appreciate “28 Things That Kids Today Will Never Understand.” It’s a good laugh and actually is fun to reflect on how rapidly things have changed in the past 30 to 40 years with massive changes in technology.

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].