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Radio Moves to Central Hall in ’10

It'll be interesting to see the impact

I’ve been reflecting on what it will mean for floor traffic next year when most radio exhibitors will move to the Central Hall.

As RW reported recently, the National Association of Broadcasters is changing the location of several exhibitor categories for the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Radio and pro audio exhibitors will move to the Central Hall, after many years in the North; they’ll be up front by the main doors of the LVCC.

This change has to help radio exhibitors and attendees. Let’s face it; sometimes it feels like radio occupies its own little world within the show. Nothing reinforces that feeling more than hearing reports of 80,000 or 100,000 attendees after you walk the floor and radio manufacturers tell you they are happy if they get several hundred leads out of the convention. The traditional radio floor is never going to draw thousands of buyers; those attendees just don’t exist in those kinds of numbers anymore. But there are people who would benefit from seeing the wares of radio/audio companies yet never get over to the North side. This move should help with exposure.