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What Personality Types Prefer Radio?

The answer may not be what you think

“Here’s where the most dynamic people come home to roost.”

Do you associate that sentence with radio? Advertising Age magazine does. Reporting on data from a psychographic research company in its May 4 issue, it discusses how personality can predict media usage. The idea is that certain characteristics may provide more info than typical demographics.

Radio, Ad Age reported, “is where the dynamic people come home to roost. While they eschew TV, they devour radio — not only in their cars when they’re on the go with their busy schedules but also at home, where they can multitask while listening to the radio.”

“Highly dynamic people are also 36% more likely to click around from show to show (on both TV and radio) and say ‘I’m always looking for something better than what I’m watching.”

Interestingly, the report continues, “Introverts consume almost no radio,” according to the study from Mindset, “and people low in diligence also consume less radio.”

Fascinating stuff. Read it here.