Moss: Engineers & Other Sex Gods, Apply Here

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.Here’s a chance to be famous, idolized and influential (or have rotten tomatoes thrown at you).Let’s face it, most everyone got into radio engineering to be famous, right? So here’s your chance. The National
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Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.

Here’s a chance to be famous, idolized and influential (or have rotten tomatoes thrown at you).

Let’s face it, most everyone got into radio engineering to be famous, right? So here’s your chance. The National Association of Broadcasters, our glorious trade association, has put out the call for speakers for the next big NAB Show, April 9–14, in Las Vegas.

They are summoning suggestions for speakers and technical papers from broadcast engineers, military and government media people and technology folks.

Naturally the most envied among these are engineers, who hold a kind of sex-god status in the radio world, given their good looks and breathlessly awaited technical papers.

We kid, we kid. Radio engineers might not get the sex god status they deserve, but the Broadcast Engineering Conference is loaded every year with great stuff, some of it pretty sexy to the technically minded. The NAB is interested in receiving proposals on dozens of radio and TV engineering topics, ranging from IP to digital production and transmission concerns. Papers are limited to 30 minutes, and that includes a 10-minute Q&A.

The show also needs to populate a speaker lineup for several other tech-oriented conferences such as the Technologies for Media & Entertainment and Content Creation, Distribution & Commerce sessions. This lot can contain anything from broadband media, wireless and mobile media technologies, 3D, gaming and marketing research technologies and so on.

And one of the NAB’s newest endeavors, the Military and Government Summit, is recruiting speakers. Ten-HUT! Mission orders are for speakers to address adopting private sector technologies, security/surveillance technologies, 3D, video distribution, emergency communications, etc.

All proposals must be submitted by Oct. 22. Sex gods with great engineering ideas may skip to the front of the line.


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