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A Baffling Rondo From Pinta Acoustic

New acoustic treatment products in unusual shapes

Maybe the designers had a bowl of Lucky Charms before they came to work the day they designed pinta acoustic’s Rondo line of acoustic treatment products.

The Rondo line has a number of unusually shaped acoustic treatment products including stars, flowers, octagons and triangles. These shapes are available in various diameters (up to 6 inches) and lengths (up to 24 inches). The long versions, looking like shapes extruded from a Play-Doh Fun Factory, are useful for hanging from a ceiling. Custom sizes are available. Colors available are natural white and light gray.

Rondo products are made Class 1 fire-rated and made of willtec foam. They also meet UL 1715 corner burn tests.

The unusual shapes are designed to be used in high-profile locations and can be mounted in several ways, including vertically from a ceiling. Joerg Hutmacher, pinta acoustic business unit manager said, “pinta Rondo baffles are further proof that acoustical products can contribute to aesthetics.”

Plus, they’re magically delicious.