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A New Pop Filter From Rycote

Designed to handle most microphones, it includes new Rycote mount

Pop filters sometimes are seen as one of those luxuries or indulgent frills that a true pro would never need (or would be embarrassed to be seen with). Then there are cases where they really do seem to do the trick.

For pop believers, Rycote has developed the InVision Studio Kit. This package, listing for $149.99, combines a new InVision Universal Pop Filter with Rycote’s Universal Studio Mount.

The pop filter uses an acoustic foam mesh that can be removed for replacement or cleaning. According to the company, the mesh can knock down pops by as much as 20 dB while not affecting higher frequencies. The framework is attached by a locking clamp so it can be removed as well and used on other mounts.

The USM uses Rycote’s “Lyre” “non-elastic” suspension devices. These are designed to increase isolation and to not sag over time. The kit is designed to handle any microphone from 18to 55 mm.