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Accusonus Debuts ERA Audio Repair Plug-In Bundles

A pair of new plug-in bundles aim to aid audio clean-up

Accusonus has released its ERA Bundles of audio enhancement and repair plug-ins, each based around the use of a single virtual knob to aid in clean up of audio.

The Standard bundle includes ERA Noise Remover, ERA Reverb Remover, ERA Desser and ERA Plosive Remover; the Pro bundle also includes ERA D.

The flagship of the bundle is ERA-D, which provides denoise and dereverberation options. An intelligent joint mode reportedly takes natural noise and reverb counter-interaction into account for better quality sonic result. Dual channel mode enables users to employ a secondary mic to improve the audio repair quality on a primary mic.

ERA Noise Remover can be used to reduce or remove unwanted fans, air-conditioners, electric hums and hisses and other background noises.

The ERA Reverb Remover takes on excessive reverb, aiming to bring sound into focus, add clarity, clean up dialogue or tighten up a musical performance.

ERA Desser is a single-knob plug-in that can be applied to smooth out audio problems caused by excessive sibilance consonants. Lastly, ERA Plosive Remover reigns in plosive thumps, such as “p”, “t” and “b.”

Available in Mac and Windows versions, the plug-ins work in 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates, and work with Pro Tools, Logic, Audition, StudioOne, Audacity and other DAWs and software.

The Standard and Pro bundles are priced at $99 and $299 respectively.

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