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AKG Adds to Project Studio Mics

Affordable multipurpose and studio models available

Microphone and headphone maker AKG is adding to its Project Studio line.

The five new models run the gamut from general purpose instrument mics to studio-oriented vocal microphones.

The P120 is a multipurpose condenser with a 2/3-inch diaphragm. The P220 (shown) is similar but adds features such as a low-cut filter and pad along with shockmount and carrying case.

The P170 is a pencil-style condenser mic aimed at, but not limited to, instruments.

The P420 is a large diaphragm, multipattern microphone. The patterns are cardioid, omni and figure 8.

The P820 is considered the high-end microphone in this group with a one-inch diaphragm, multiple patterns and a tube (ECC83).