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Alert FM Uses RBDS to Deliver Messages

User Report: Emergency manager likes the confidence of having a multiple-station platform

ALERT FM Wall Receiver
STARKVILLE, Miss. As an emergency manager, I strive to use the newest technologies to communicate with the citizens of the county and our first responders.

I began using Alert FM from Global Security Systems two years ago to notify citizens, schools, businesses and first responders of impending weather and other emergency information such as road closures, school closings and post disaster instructions.

I have been impressed by the message delivery time that Alert FM provides via RBDS signals. Targeted messages are delivered to receivers in the entire county or to a specific group of receivers in less than 60 seconds. This quick delivery is due to the fact that the system delivers messages using the RBDS data subcarrier of FM radio stations in and around my county. Alert FM’s use of multiple stations allows me peace of mind because I know that the message will be delivered even if a radio station is off-air due to storm damage or other technical problem.

Alert FM receivers meet my various needs as an EMA as well as the needs of my citizens. The mobile receiver is great for individuals who travel. The mobile receiver can be placed not only on a desktop but also carried in a pocket as you work throughout the day. The fixed receiver is great for public places such as libraries, hospitals, government buildings and schools. In hope of making sure that critical individuals have access messages sent out via Alert FM, I have placed fixed and mobile receivers throughout my county in various places such as government buildings, schools, universities, daycares and hospitals.

Alert FM and its use of RBDS technology have had a positive impact not only on me as an EMA but on my county. We are better prepared for severe weather or any other natural or manmade disaster that might occur. I would recommend this system to anyone looking for added notification capabilities.

Jim Britt is an emergency manager for Oktibbeha County.

For information, contact Global Security Systems in Mississippi at (601) 709-4240 or visit