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Angry Audio Rolls Out a Radio Console

The new Rave is an analog board that will retail for $1,999

Angry Audio Rave mixing console shown in angled front view

Angry Audio has a new radio mixing console, which it plans to begin shipping in the next couple of months.

The company founder Mike Dosch has a lot of background in console manufacturing so it’s probably not surprising; but the introduction of the Rave console marks a notable expansion for a company that until recently was known mostly for its utility “Gizmo and Gadget” products and for acquiring the StudioHub connector family. More recently it added a line of audio processing and loudness control devices.

The Rave is a low-profile analog console that will retail for $1,999 and start shipping by the end of September. Angry Audio started telling customers about it quietly at the spring NAB Show.

It offers up to eight stereo line inputs and four microphone inputs, as well as two output mix busses and two mix-minus outputs with talkback. Angry Audio highlights its flexible monitoring for the board operator, monitor feed to studio guests with talkback, automatic monitor muting when mics are open, and its metering and tallies. The surface is machined and anodized aluminum, its markings laser-etched to avoid wear.

An artist's conception drawing of the rear panel of the Angry Audio Rave mixing console
A concept view of the rear panel.

Installation is via StudioHub+ RJ45 connectors for line inputs and outputs, and XLR inputs for microphones. Its power supply is built in rather than a wall wart.

Other features include mic and line remote logic; warning and user tally outputs for lighting on-air signs and annunciators; preview (cue) on every channel; and avionics-style switches with LED illumination. A company brochure has more info.

It will be sold through Angry Audio dealers.