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Antennas From Aldena

Sneak Peek: Radio and digital TV antennas from Italy

Aldena has new antennas for the 2011 NAB Show.

For the radio audience, there is the ALP0502912. It is a five-element, log periodic design with circular/mixed polarization for FM markets. The antenna is aluminum with galvanized hardware.

The ATS0807920 is aimed at UHF digital TV markets. It is an omnidirectional turnstile design with four dipoles for top-mounting and can be used for gap-filling. Maximum power is 1 kW. Aldena calls it “plug and play” with very low VSWR, weight and wind load. The aluminum antenna has a fiberglass radome for protection.

Aldena, based in Italy, will also have available the latest in the EMLAB signal analysis and network pattern design line of software for TV and radio use. Version 2 adds multiprocessor and 64-bit support.

NAB Show Booth: C753