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AP Debuts New Analyzer

APx555 offers I/O options, 1 MHz bandwidth

For those still into such things, audio analyzer maker Audio Precision has debuted the APx555, the latest in its APx family of digital audio analyzers.

AP humbly says that the APx555 is “the finest audio analyzer to date … A culmination of 30 years of experience, the APx555 is the most powerful and capable audio test instrument ever developed.”

It claims a -120 dB noise floor, 1 MHz bandwidth and an FFT resolution of 1.2 million points. The onboard signal generator is specced for sine wave signals up to 204 kHz and high level amplitudes up to 26 Vrms.

Optional I/O modules include digital serial, Bluetooth, HDMI or pulse density modulation (PDM). Test, measurement and analysis tools available on the platform number well into the dozens.

Audio Precision Co-founder and Chief Analog Designer Bruce Hofer says, “The APx555 represents a lifetime of work in audio test … It pushes analog circuit design to the edge of understanding and accounts for many previously unseen anomalies, achieving real, measurable performance that exceeds any other.”

Coincidental with the launching of the APx555 is new software for the APx500 family, version 4. A highlight of the new software is the choice of two modes of operation — Sequence mode for “repeatable testing and code-free automation” and Bench mode for traditional test and measurement duties.

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