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ATI Shows Day Sequerra ‘Tomorrow Ready’ Tuners

ATI Shows Day Sequerra 'Tomorrow Ready' Tuners

Day Sequerra will debut two broadcast tuners. The company says the Model M2 HD Radio modulation monitor and the Model M4 HD Radio tuner are “Tomorrow Radio Ready,” and said the M4 recently received Ibiquity certification.
The M2 offers over-sampling 24-bit 96 kHz DAC, and Class A-biased audio output circuitry, which the company says enables transparent audio from any broadcast source.
Peak and hold 50-segment LED meters indicate RF carrier modulation percentage and audio modulation in dB. The M2 includes alarms for over-modulation, and uses a multi-function display for tuning and other station information.
Tuner functions can be monitored and controlled remotely via an optional PC interface.
Like the larger M2, the M4 has a low-noise RF front-end with preselector and double-balanced mixer, low-jitter DAC and Class A-biased audio outputs for high-fidelity reception and demodulation of HD Radio programs, including display of program specific data for MPS and SPS multicast signals.
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