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Avantone Pro Recalls Monitors Past With New CLA-10s

Yamaha NS-10 double-take alert

Avantone Pro has released its new CLA-10 studio monitors—a full-range, two-way passive pair intended to harken back to a “much-loved nearfield studio monitoring mainstay,” says the company.

That mainstay that Avantone Pro is alluding to would be the Yamaha NS-10. First released in 1978 as a consumer bookshelf speaker, it flopped almost immediately, but then rebounded spectacularly as it was adopted for use as a legendarily unforgiving studio monitor that invariably highlighted shortcomings in mixes. The NS-10, with its trademark white cone, became the mix monitor of choice for decades and continues to be popular today, even though it was discontinued in 2001.

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Perhaps with that in mind, Avantone Pro reportedly spent more than a year in R&D developing the CLA-10, while also working with five-time Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge on the recreation.

The CLA-10 sports a 10.4-liter sealed design cabinet constructed of non-layered, high-rigidity MDF, finished with an outer layer of real wood veneer.

Fine Element Analysis modelling was used for the custom-designed 180 mm AV10-MLF low-frequency driver; the paper cone was created using pulp material that was press formed rather than die cut and then surrounded by cloth surround material made in Japan for added authenticity.

A custom-tooled frame supports the driver/cone combo, aiming to minimize mechanical transfers, while the 35 mm AV10-MHF high frequency silk dome-based tweeter aims to match the original closely, both as a frequency (60 Hz – 20 kHz) and voicing match.

The CLA-10’s cabinet dimensions (381.5 mm x 215 mm x 197.5 mm) and weight (6.3kg) likewise are similar the original monitors.

Due out in August, the CLA-10 will have an MSRP of $699.00 per pair.

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