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BE Targets Higher IBOC Power With VPe Approach

Combines a crest factor reduction scheme and real-time distortion pre-correction

Broadcast Electronics is promoting technology it says can improve transmitter efficiency and output for elevated HD Radio sideband power levels.

The technology is expected to be available for FMi T Series and FMi solid-state transmitter lines in the next six months, after it is tested and reviewed by iBiquity Digital.

Vector Power Enhancement, BE says, combines a new crest factor reduction scheme and real-time distortion pre-correction. This yields up to 7 percent additional transmitter efficiency and another 30 percent output power, it told attendees at last week’s NAB Show.

The manufacturer says FMi tube and solid-state transmitters for HD Radio can realize optimum linear performance affecting their power class rating, “thereby reducing hardware cost, heat loss and overall cost of HD Radio adoption at higher –14 dBc or –10 dBc injection levels.”

VPe uses a proprietary crest factor reduction scheme to reduce the peak-to-average ratio. “It also uses digital adaptive pre-distortion circuitry to pre-correct non-linear distortion in the RF transmission signal path,” according to BE.

The company’s VP of Engineering Brian Lindemann said in the announcement that VPe can provide a cost-effective way to increase transmitter efficiency at higher IBOC injection levels while maintaining transmitter linearity.