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Belar Offers Expanded HD Radio Diversity Features

Adds multistation scanning, delay window expansion to Automatic Delay Correction software

Belar Electronics has unveiled a new set of features that will expand HD Radio diversity delay for its Automatic Delay Correction software. The company says that among the functions are increased measurement accuracy and correction times, smooth transitions and automated scan functionality for multistation monitoring.

By expanding the time window for signal correction up to eight times, the software creates a correction window of plus or minus 2.4 seconds. The application leverages an “auto range mode” to track the delay and automatically the correction window if the delay drifts outside the allotted range, according to Belar. The built-in algorithm then automatically increases or decreases the sample resolution to pull the delay back within the window.

A new ramping feature also offers smoother transitions between time adjustments, making the adjustment go unnoticed. In addition, a scanning function has been added to correct up to six preset stations in a market. The automatic scan function cycles through the presets while establishing direct connections to each station’s specific delay device, applying the corrections on an intermittent basis.

Automatic Delay Correction’s new features are available immediately.