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Caller One Goes for the Glory

Talk show software serves inspirational station and network

This article is part of our Buyer’s Guide feature on telco and talk show products for radio.

Glory Communications has been using the Broadcast Bionics Caller One talk show system since 2020 at urban inspirational station WFMV(AM) in Cayce, S.C., and the Worship and Word Network, which serves a large portion of South Carolina.

Caller One is a software talk show system that runs on a PC, webRTC and SIP Voice over IP technology to route calls to air without dedicated hardware. It was designed with smaller studios in mind.

Tony “Gee” Green, program director of WFMV and vice president of programming for Glory Communications, said installation and integration was easy. “It’s also a telephone interface that is very easy to learn and use.”

For WFMV, Caller One is used in a variety of ways, he said. “Since it’s a digital application, it has a superior sound for on-site remote broadcast. It’s also used, now more than ever due to COVID-19, as a platform for advertisers both for recording commercial content as well as live programs.”

It’s used to provide audio for artist interviews and for daily interactions with the station’s listening audience.

“As for the Worship and Word Network, its primary use is for talk show interviews and listener interactions. It’s an excellent application for the talk format because it offers you the opportunity to use more than one line at a time. Callers can not only call in to the host but they can hold conversations with each other or a remote host.” Broadcasters General Store is the U.S. dealer for the product.