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Delta Meccanica Introduces Star Point Combiner

Capable of combining six medium- or high-power frequencies

ORVIETO, Italy — Delta Meccanica has developed the Star Point combiner, which is capable of combining six medium- or high-power frequencies.

Previously the company offered combiners able to associate six frequencies for powers limited to 2 kW per transmitter.

Combining greater powers (i.e. 6 x 5 kW and 6 x 10 kW), the company says, is more challenging due to the size of the filters. “But the design flexibility of our cavities allowed us to design and create — with only slight configuration tweaks — a device capable of providing optimal RF performance in a cost effective way.”

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The firm adds that due to the above development, it no longer needed to design a “manifold” combiner, a configuration that it considers no longer valid for FM.

Delta Meccanica is also studying the possibility of implementing a compact version of the Star Point combiner.

 For information, contact Delta Meccanica in Italy at +39-07-6331-6222 or visit