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User Report: CRP Radios Crafts the Perfect Flavor

Omnia processing and the Peruvian palate 

The author is senior operations manager for CRP Radios.

LIMA, Peru — CRP Radios is a leading radio company in Peru, the only one 100% focused on entertainment radio, with eight FM brands and two AM brands strategically segmented to connect with Peruvians. In my position I am responsible for the effective performance management of all technical activities, taking overall responsibility for engineering, IT and supply-chain performance nationwide. 

We are a customer-oriented organization, hence listeners’ and advertisers’ satisfaction is placed at the core of our technical and business decisions. Our overall strategy for the radio broadcasting environment is that it’s what comes out of the speaker that counts — the perfect mix of content and sound quality. 

The FM spectrum in Lima is a very competitive sound environment — a challenge that’s not always easy to face. Each of the eight FM brands that we manage has a different format, so that means eight different music formats focused on eight different groups of listeners. All aimed at having the best sound in the segments in which we compete.

When it comes to processing, it’s too easy to crank up the levels to be the loudest on the dial, but we know full well that that’s not what our listeners want. The Omnia.11 broadcast audio processor has proven to be a flexible device for sound-quality improvements in all our FM stations. We have been amazed at the difference a good audio-processing preset can make for a station’s flavor. We are continually aiming to create a sound that keeps listeners listening and feeling that they’ve got the best flavor of their favorite music. 


This sound cannot be created in a silo, it’s an ongoing process that relies on customers’ and engineers’ feedback alike, and each step has brought us closer to that golden sound.

Omnia processing gives you the ability to craft the sound you want and contributes to bring out the most from content and create long-lasting engagement with listeners, which after all is a key part of broadcast service.

We are consistently seeking out the best-in-class platforms and support professionals. Our partnership with The Telos Alliance has proven to be powerful forthe challenge of achieving a signature sound that suits our listeners’ tastes. Great platforms are just as important as proper professional support in the operations arena, and we have received great technical assistance on every project or technical issue that we have faced over the last few years.

Having Axia consoles plus Omnia processors is the technical solution that is supporting us to be able to create our own unique style and more importantly the one that suits our listeners. During 2020 we will continue to migrate to Axia consoles and we are in the process of optimizing all our audio connections through Livewire + AES67 to create a more flexible and smarter I/O topology.

We feel that the partnership that we have built with The Telos Alliance continually contributes to our efforts to improve audience engagement and bolster ratings. 

For information, contact Cam Eicher at The Telos Alliance in Ohio at 1-216-241-7225 or visit