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BW Broadcast Offers Software Update for V2 Line

Onboard processing, remote control, field serviceable parts top feature list

BW Broadcast has announced that the first software update for recently released V2 transmitters is available.

The company says the transmitter line power range is 5–1,500W, making it LPFM-compatible. The V2 also sports an Ethernet port for remote operation, including via a smartphones and tablets.

The V2 has an onboard BW Broadcast multiband processing with 14 factory presets.

A theme that BW Broadcast’s V2 line has fixated upon looks to be field servicing. Dual universal power supplies can slide in and out one at a time as needed. Additionally, BW Broadcast’s “Gold clamp” transistors can be removed and installed with just a screwdriver, eliminating the need for a soldering iron.

IBC Stand: 8.E74