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C. Crane Launches AM-FM-Ham Receiver

Emergency radio adds amateur band and better AM antenna

Radio receiver company C. Crane has introduced the CCRadio-2, a battery-operable AM/FM/Weather receiver with a twist: a ham band.

During emergencies, it is not unusual for local and regional amateur operators to offer important communication services, even remaining on the air while local AM/FM stations temporarily go silent. Ham operators often pass on emergency news and provide instructions from authorities.

C. Crane President Bob Crane said: “Ham operators typically provide 90 percent of the emergency coordination after a disaster like Hurricane Katrina or 9/11. That’s why we designed the CCRadio-2 to work like a simple radio scanner on the two-meter ham band … Two-meter ham is something I’ve wanted on an emergency radio for a long time.”

The CCRadio-2 also sports improved AM reception with the addition of a Twin-Coil Ferrite AM antenna. It has a scanning facility and station memory as well. It costs $159.95.