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Comrex Delivers LiveShot

Wireless video codec is a first for company

Codec maker Comrex has announced that it is shipping the LiveShot video IP codec.

The LiveShot is a two-piece system, consisting of a camera-mounted transmitter and a rackmountable 19-inch receiver. The camera unit has Anton Bauer-style camera battery mounts and is designed to be placed securely between the battery and the camera.

LiveShot uses the H.264 HD video encoding algorithm. It can also deliver standard definition video. For audio it uses the HE-AAC and AAC-ELD schemes. A cue audio channel is also supported.

It will work with wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless connections. It ships with a USB Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to 3G/4G modems. Comrex claims a latency of as low as 200 ms. An onboard SD card stores data.

Comrex Managing Director Kris Specht said, “Our core customer for the past several decades has been the radio broadcaster. It was in response to requests from some of our longtime customers that had worked in radio — who had subsequently moved over to television — to create a product that would do for TV what our Access P audio codecs have done for radio.”