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Comrex Adds Torelli

Aims to promote LiveShot products

Joe Torelli has joined Comrex Corp. as market development manager. In this role, he will spearhead awareness and drive acceptance of the Comrex LiveShot products.

Comrex is traditionally associated with the radio broadcast industry. LiveShot is a venture into a new area of video, and the company is ramping up its commitment to that sector with a new position devoted to it.

While at Avid, Torelli was deeply involved in the concept, creation and delivery of NewsCutter and Editcam. In 2008, Torelli authored Final Cut Pro for News and Sports Peachpit Press, with the goal of gaining wide acceptance of Apple Final Cut Pro in the news industry. He is the recipient of the 2011 National Press Photographers Association Joseph A. Sprague Achievement Award.

Comrex LiveShot delivers live video and audio over a range of IP networks and is used by TV stations and networks to deliver high quality, low latency, full duplex video and audio from anywhere Internet access is available.