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Comrex Offers BRIC TS Software for Free

Traversal Server help Access codecs navigate

Codec maker Comrex is making available the software needed to run its BRIC Traversal Server, free to users.

The BRIC Traversal Server is used with Comrex Access IP codecs to allow them to display a dynamic address book of other codecs in the user’s group. BRIC TS alleviates IP codec connection issues like changing IP addresses and routers and firewalls.

“BRIC TS users may continue to use the server maintained by Comrex, but now they have the option of building their own,” the company stated.

Managing Director Kris Bobo said, “Some of our larger broadcast network customers have indicated an interest in being able to privately manage their own BRIC TS for a greater level of flexibility,” so the company has made it available for them and any Access customers.

The server software requires the free VMware player and can run on any platform supported by the player including Windows and Linux, Comrex said.

Use of BRIC TS requires a paid, one-time license unlock for each of the codecs using it. The server software is available to Access owners for free on DVD media; contact Comrex.