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Comrex Promotes VIP QC App

NAB Sneak Peek: Goal is to help guests call stations easily, in studio quality

Comrex Corp. will introduce a new iPhone and Android app, VIP QC, at the NAB Show.

Technical Director Tom Hartnett said in the announcement that when the company rolled out its STAC VIP VoIP Call Management System last year, the goal was to reduce the amount of “telephone-quality” sound that stations use on-air.

“We realized one of the main pieces of the puzzle was a simple wideband voice app for smartphones. We determined early that configuration of telephone apps of this type was a nightmare for the user.” So, he said, the company aimed for a universal app that would handle this complexity and be “plug and play” for guests to call the station with studio quality.

The QC stands for “Quick Connect.” VIP QC app costs $20 and can be downloaded and installed on an iPhone and Android smartphone, then used to call a Comrex STAC VIP VoIP Call Management System using the phone’s available data connection. A list of stations available for connection is presented to the user. Once a station is selected, the app locks to it, displaying logo information whenever the app is restarted. The app can also be configured to call Comrex Access and BRIC-Link codecs.

The app will be available on the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store, which used to be called the Android Market.

Comrex also said it Access Reporter Codec (ARC) for Android recently passed 5,000 downloads. ARC will remain available, free for Comrex customers.

NAB Show Booth: C2907