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Cool Stuff: Let the Crowd Do It

Broadcast Electronics CrowdControl

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

CrowdControl is a “crowdsourcing” application marketed under BE’s data brand The Radio Experience; it was developed with interactive software company LocalMedia.

The company says the application “offers a new approach to an old pursuit: that of engaging the listener.” It is a studio application that enables broadcasters to interact with listeners in real time through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

“More important, though, are the ways in which CrowdControl opens the door to listener-sourced programming,” BE says. Air talent can use it to poll for song requests from listeners using iPhones or PCs, interact with listeners from the studio for all social media and post status updates in real time. “Most-voted” songs can be played at a set time or as listeners vote. The polling data can be used to update song rotation schedules automatically in the station’s automation system.

CrowdControl can be set with scheduling parameters to ensure that stations follow programming guidelines. “In the case of an HD Radio multicast channel, for example, CrowdControl enables the station to run 24/7 under listenership control but within predetermined program parameters.”

Shown, BE’s Brenna Ormond, left, and Jim Roberts, right, look on as Radio World Editor Paul McLane presents the award to President/CEO Joseph Roark. Photo by Jim Peck