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“Cool Stuff”: Rushworks VDesk Radio/TV Software

Helps you turn your radio station into an Internet TV station

One in series about recipients of the 2012 Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award.

This tool can help you turn your radio station into an Internet TV station.

Shown are Mike Garza, Cam Emerick and friend. Photo by Jim Peck. The system includes two moveable cameras and one fixed camera with a wider lens that covers the entire studio as your “wide shot.”

But it’s more than that. When you purchase the system, you provide Rushworks with a picture of your studio. In the software, they create a dimensional grayscale rendering as a virtual “stage” for your touchscreen show production, a room that emulates your studio. They define your team members (for instance, your air talent or guests), using picture icons with names and titles, and position them in their respective places in the virtual set.
You use a joystick to frame shots the way you want, then click Save. Then whenever you touch a picture icon or other element, the camera will go to that preset and automatically take the shot, and fade on a title if you wish.

Features include a big touchscreen monitor for the control room, a 10-inch monitor for the show host, “pan-tilt-zoom” camera control with joystick, four synchronized video inputs, video transitions (dissolve, wipes, slides etc.), multi-layer graphics, animated overlays, build-in streaming and other cool stuff.

Retail price: $13,995 including three cameras. There’s a demo video at the website that walks you through the concept.