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DaySequerra Unit Improves HD Radio Monitoring

M2HDSP promises more accurate measurements and better tools to measure, monitor and alarm

Monitor/tuner maker DaySequerra’s M2HDSP is a new modulation monitor designed for HD Radio. The M2HDSP uses technology recently introduced in the M4DDM.

The technology, TimeLock, is an algorithm for maintaining alignment between the main analog signal and the HD-1 digital signal. An onboard tuner provides the M2HDSP its reference signals.

The M2HDSP is compatible with existing HD Radio NE-IBOC Gen 1 and Gen II AM and FM systems using processors such as the Omnia-5EX HD or embedded exporters form Broadcast Electronics, Continental, Harris, Nautel and RVR that use iBiquity’s MPS Framework v. 4.3 or later.

The M2HDSP uses audiophile-quality outputs for audio monitoring along with data and RBDS monitoring and assignable alarm outputs. It is compatible with DaySequerra’s Remote Dashboard for remote monitoring, logging, alarming and operation with a computer.

DaySequerra President David Day said, “We’ve upgraded our M2’s performance with this new DSP-based architecture, significantly improved the accuracy of our measurements and can now provide better tools to measure, monitor and alarm AM, FM and HD-1 through HD-8 Multicast signals, RBDS and PAD data, including Apple But Button UFID.”

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