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WorldDAB Urges EU Members to Meet Digital Radio Deadline

Hannon: 2018 EU decision “has transformed the prospects for DAB+ radio in Europe"

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The WorldDAB organization is urging European countries to “act immediately” to comply with an upcoming EU digital radio deadline.

The European Electronic Communications Code adopted in late 2018 contains a mandate that all new car radios should be able to receive digital terrestrial radio services.

Countries that are members of the European Union must turn it into national legislation by Dec. 21.

In a press release Monday, Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDAB, is quoted saying that the 2018 EU decision “has transformed the prospects for DAB+ radio in Europe. … We urge countries that have yet to implement the EECC to act imminently and help ensure that motorists in all EU Member States benefit from the advantages of digital radio: greater choice, clearer audio and enhanced data services.”

WorldDAB also provided a snapshot of how various countries are responding:

“In Germany, all radio receivers in new cars will be required to include digital radio capabilities from 21 December 2020. In the UK, all radios fitted in new passenger cars will come with digital radio as standard from 2021 following new regulations passed through Parliament.

“In Italy, all new (consumer and automotive) radio receivers sold from January 2020 onwards are required to include DAB+. In France, a proposal requiring all new car radios to include digital radio capabilities – in line with the EECC deadline – is being reviewed by parliament this month.

“Last week, Spain published a draft of its Telecoms Regulation, which also complies with the EECC. Other countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Malta have all initiated procedures to implement the EECC into national legislation.”

Read a factsheet about EEEC from WorldDAB including a longer update for various countries.