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DK Debuts Software for MSD600M, PTO660 Lines

DK Debuts Software for MSD600M, PTO660 Lines

DK-Technologies offers several test and metering products for use in radio and TV broadcasting.
It says it’s addressing loudness in broadcast audio with software that helps engineers analyze and adjust the audio signal.
Version 5.0 instrument software for the MSD600M and PTO660 series of audio meters includes a graphic loudness display as well as the display of corresponding time code. The company says this allows engineers to judge loudness as a function of time and to see where levels need to be adjusted in order to reach the desired loudness.
The software also allows the time code to be coupled to the signal, which enables the search for a particular location in the recording.
Using Version 5.0, MSD600M and PTO660 meters display the instant Sound Pressure Level as a bar graph for each of the audio channels, which shows alongside a bar displaying the average total loudness of the audio signal since the start of the measurement.
The same screen also shows the instant SPL as a graphic curve, together with the averaged total level, enabling the sound to be balanced to the desired level.
DK-Technologies also is debuting the PT8612 HD-SD test signal generator, an option for the PT3500 HD-SD VariTime Sync Generator that offers a test pattern to check lip-sync; and DK-Matrix, a PC software package for the MSD600M and PTO660 series that lets engineers customize setup of their meters.
Features of DK-Matrix include the ability to create proprietary scales. A standard scale can be recalled and modified to suit specific applications, while up to seven scales can be downloaded into the audio meter for recall via the front-panel keys or as part of a preset position.
Booths: C2044, C2507A