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DoubleRadius Launches New Wireless Bridge

LigoPTP RapidFire operates in 6 GHz range with 500-700 Mbps throughput

Wireless link equipment manufacturer DoubleRadius is launching a new line of “affordable” point-to-point wireless bridges using the 6 GHz range. 

The weatherproof LigoPTP RapidFire 6-N offers up to 700 Mbps throughput with modulations of up to 256-QAM and 30dBm output power. 

The unit is designed for set-and-forget operation. Or it can be remotely controlled via PC or phone/tablet app. An onboard 2.4 GHz radio allows for wireless control while dual Gigabit Ethernet network connections. One of the ports supports power over Ethernet. There’s also an onboard surge protector.