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Ecreso Transmitters Pull Double Duty at Manning Media

FM translators and HD Radio broadcasting come easily to E750

HAGERSTOWN, MD. — When cross-service translator use exploded a few years ago, Manning Media decided to expand the service of our Hagerstown, Md., AM station 1490 WARK.

The CP for W255CP, conveniently already collocated on the WARK tower, was purchased and the project began. This was originally a noncommercial translator but was relicensed to a fill-in cross-service for WARK, allowing an increase in HAAT and ERP. The result was 250 watts ERP in to a single-bay Nicom BKG77 antenna at 340 feet on the AM tower. This configuration required 610 of TPO for 250 watts ERP.

After research of several transmitters and the recommendations of Phil Joiner at RF Specialties, we decided on the Crown-branded Ecreso E750. Installation was straightforward and basically plug and play.

What a great choice it turned out to be. So when we decided to launch HD2 and HD3 services on our Class B WWEG(FM) with fill-in translators in 2015 and 2016 respectively, there was no doubt what the transmitter choice would be after a year of trouble-free operation of the E750. We diplexed the 98.9 and 102.1 transmitters into the single-bay Nicom and the 100.5 transmitter diplexed into a two-bay Nicom with a noncom on 99.5 MHz.

The three Ecreso transmitters have performed flawlessly since installation in a transmitter building that is not climate-controlled with temperatures going over 100 degrees in the building on the hottest summer afternoons and dropping below 50 degrees on the coldest winter nights. We have also had zero lightning issues with the antennas mounted on a unipole fed grounded tower.

The E series transmitters are loaded with features that include stereo generator, dynamic RDS, internet GUI remote access for control and monitoring, plus built-in five-band audio processing, making them an even better bargain. A D-sub connector supplies the necessary control and metering functions for interface to a remote control system; ours are connected a Burk ARC-16.

We’ve been totally satisfied with Ecreso transmitters and would recommend them to anyone needing a low-power or translator transmitter. It truly can be a one-box solution for many operations. If Manning Media has future needs for translator transmitters the Ecreso will be at the top of the list.

For information, contact Tony Peterle at WorldCast Systems/Ecreso in Florida at 1-305-249-3110 or visit