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ENCO Develops Hardware Decoder

Raspberry Pi-based streamer handy for STL and backup audio duties

ENCO Systems is expanding its world with a new hardware product, the enStreamer.

The enStreamer is a small audio/video stream decoder built from a Raspberry Pi computer. According to a release, it “can decode a continuous stream of audio or receive audio and video files with playlists and store them locally for automated playout. Intended to be a primary or a failover device, each enStreamer unit is able to overcome interruptions to the live stream by switching over to local playout automatically.”

Therefore it can perform as the main audio delivery device or be useful in a backup role, such as at a transmitter site.

ENCO General Manager Ken Frommert explained, “Broadcasters and system integrators can now deliver regionalized programming through scheduled switching to replace identifications, commercial ads, and news actualities with localized content, even with limited Internet connectivity.”

Using ENCO’s experience with automation, the enStreamer’s onboard automation is more than simple decoding and file-playing. It can automatically update itself, play segues and overlapping voice tracks and maintain logs.

Frommert said, “This level of versatility makes the enStreamer perfect for transmitter sites, translator sites, network stations, and digital signage installations.”