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Entercom to Carry Radio Disney on Some HD2 Stations

HD Radio expands Ad Network with announcement

Text has been updated to reflect that eight of the nine stations are now airing the content, with the other to follow soon.

Entercom has signed a distribution agreement to carry Radio Disney-branded content on HD2 stations in nine radio markets in the United States.

HD Radio will sell at least some of the airtime within those broadcasts, according to a company executive, in a move that further expands the HD Radio Ad Network.

In 2015, the developers of HD Radio announced an agreement with Radio Disney to broadcast content on HD2/HD3 stations nationwide as part of its digital ad network. (Tessera Holding Corp., now the parent company of HD Radio owner DTS Inc., recently changed its name to Xperi Corp.).

Rick Greenhut, director of broadcast business development for Xperi Corp., said the new Entercom agreement is similar to the company’s other Radio Disney deals. “We sell the aggregated audience of all the Radio Disney stations nationally like a traditional radio network would. The multicast channels clear the spots that are sent with the programming. The revenue share agreement pays the majority of the revenues earned to the stations,” Greenhut said.

HD Radio only sells airtime that appears in the Radio Disney programming, he said.

“It’s our goal to expand Radio Disney to many more major-market HD2 and HD3 channels. We see this as being highly-desirable programming with a real potential for local as well as national sales. Stations carrying the Radio Disney networks have two minutes per hour available for local sale.”

Radio broadcasters can either program Radio Disney on an HD2 or HD3 as a compliment to their main-channel programming, or appeal to a totally different audience, he adds.

“In either case, it creates new commercial avail opportunities for local sale as well as bringing in a share of the overall Radio Disney national sales pot. It can represent found money to stations who may not be in the position to create compelling content to help monetize their multicast channels,” Greenhut says.

The addition of the Entercom stations brings the number of multicast channels broadcasting Radio Disney content to 32 in 29 radio markets, Greenhut said. In all, there are approximately 80 multicast channels carrying inventory as part of the HD Radio ad network. CBS Radio and Beasley are also part of the network.

The following Entercom HD2 channels will carry Radio Disney in these radio markets. Eight are live with the content; the company told Radio World it anticipates having Portland live soon.

KDND(HD2) in Sacramento, Calif.

KRSK(HD2) in Portland, Ore.

WZPL(HD2) in Indianapolis, Ind.

KZPT(HD2) in Kansas City, Mo.

WMYX(HD2) in Milwaukee, Wisc.

WPTE(HD2) in Norfolk, Va.

WQMG(HD2) in Greensboro, N.C.

WRVR(HD2) in Memphis, Tenn.

WLMG(HD2) in New Orleans, La.

Radio Disney expanded the use of HD2 signals as one of its distribution channels after deciding to sell off most of its owned radio stations several years ago.