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Fraunhofer IIS Highlights New ContentServer Features

Designed to let broadcasters easily bring audio content and data services to air

ERLANGEN, Germany — New features of the Fraunhofer IIS ContentServer R6 technology are intended to allow broadcasters to bring audio content and data services to air with ease.

Its flexible configuration provides the ability to match diverse needs of broadcasters and network operators.

The users range from community stations to local or regional broadcasters, up to large-scale national networks.

Device manufacturers benefit from a special edition of the ContentServer that provide for the generation of test streams, e.g. for standard compliance testing.

New features of R6 include Emergency Warning Functionality to alert the public when disaster strikes; for DRM: xHE-AAC as the standard audio codec and support for multiple PAD multimedia applications per audio service; internal audio encoders with AES67 AoIP live audio input (Livewire, Ravenna) as well as advanced support for remote audio encoders; a monitoring system that controls system functions including content provision; and added support for data provision via XML/JSON RPC API.

Fraunhofer ContentServer R6 technology is available for DAB and DRM as a package, including hardware and specific customer support services, from Fraunhofer’s OEM partners.

For information, contact Fraunhofer in Germany at +49-9131-776-6089 or visit