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GFQ and Internet Talk Show Success

Taking it to the next level with Telos iQ6

NEW YORK CITY — In April 2009, I founded The Guys From Queens Network with the simple idea to bring internet talk radio to the mainstream. I was joined by over a dozen others in my GFQ family to cover everything from current events and pop culture to the latest tech news, editorials and entertainment. Like most internet broadcasters, our equipment started off patched together and eventually evolved into a full-fledged studio.

The ability to take phone calls from our audience is something we had always wanted to do. Most internet broadcasters struggle with taking calls live on the air. I know many can relate to trying to be successful at this by taking a cellphone with the speaker pointing to the microphone or using multiple Skype machines, but is it the proper way? The answer is an emphatic no.


I had recently spoken to a friend who is in broadcasting, and the topic of the evolution of internet broadcasting came up. We were both intrigued by how the industry, in just a couple of years, had transitioned into something that most content creators would be proud of.

A few months ago we decided to take the next step and add a multiline phone system to expand our studio setup and take lives calls the right way. With the addition of a Telos iQ6 six-line telco gateway, we are doing just that.

We started out by doing some research as to what would be the best fit for GFQ and decided the iQ6 with the Telos VSet6 handset would be just the ticket. In 2012, we upgraded our studio to mostly Telos/Axia equipment and since the iQ6 is easily configurable with our current system it was an easy choice. In just a few short hours we were up and running. After testing all the features, we were ready to start taking calls.


One of the most notable features on the iQ6 is that it connects directly to the Axia network via Cat-5 cable, simplifying the setup process. The iQ6 is equipped with dual Telos hybrids, utilizing Digital Dynamic EQ and Acoustic Echo Cancellation, both of which work with analog or digital phone lines. That makes the iQ6 the most viable choice for most internet broadcasters looking to expand to live calling.

Since adding the iQ6 and VSet6 to our studio we have incorporated this digital phone system into nearly every show we produce and have been so successful doing so that we recently decided to add three new sports-themed shows to GFQ’s show offerings. With topics ranging from professional wrestling to technology-based programming, and even as far as the topic of hair loss, each of these shows depend on the iQ6 every week to maintain the interconnectivity between host and audience, which is vital.

One of our longest-running shows, “The Bald Truth,” has been using an iQ6 for several years and remotely connects to our studio from Los Angeles. Each week, men and women around the world call in to connect with the host on the topic of hair loss, which we believe is the lifeblood of the show.

As our industry continues to grow and evolve, more and more internet-based broadcasters are going to need high-quality products that can move their broadcasts from a standard “podcast” to a true internet-based radio show. We are just getting started in this new age of broadcasting, and over the next few years I expect more studios to begin to rely on the iQ6 and Telos VSet6 when they’re ready to take their broadcasts to the next level.

For information, contact Cam Eicher at The Telos Alliance in Ohio 216-241-7225 or visit