Grow Radio With Video

NewTek video webinar is aimed at radio broadcasters
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It is occasionally rumored that radio broadcasters are interested in revenue — especially in increasing that revenue.

Playing upon that premise, NewTek, a video equipment manufacturer, has a webinar for those folks: “Grow Your Radio Station Revenue and Audience with Live Video Streaming,” scheduled for July 9 at 3 p.m.

The webinar will concentrate on NewTek’s TriCaster portable video production system. The TriCaster is a nearly turnkey system designed for a single operator and ease of use. It includes a video switcher, simple video effects/transitions and even basic virtual sets. It is a past recipient of RW’s “Cool Stuff” Award.

Webinar participants will explain how to create a basic video feed and then get it onto the Internet. Participants will include Anthony Alfano, online content manager for Clear Channel’s Boston cluster. One of his stations recently streamed a live local concert that was sponsored by the station.


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