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IBC Sneak Peek: MultiCam Introduces IP Input Support for Visual Radio

Receives IP video streams directly from the local area network

MultiCam Systems is launching a new IP interface feature, compatible with its line of products, that receives IP video streams directly from the local area network.

The new capability, which requires no additional hardware or software, works with the company’s entire product line as well as any PTZ camera available today.

MultiCam Systems says its integrated IP interface supports a much greater number of cameras than is traditionally available through SDI capture cards.

The IP functionality also reduces the size and cost of the central server, as all video streams and PTZ camera control are managed over the network without the need for special IT equipment. Customers retain the flexibility to use IP or SDI for each input to support mixed camera environments.

Available immediately, the IP input feature works in visual radio applications using MultiCam Radio, and offers native IP connectivity. The number of cameras supported via the IP interface feature is limited only by network and bandwidth limitations, whereas traditional SDI capture cards put much stricter limitations on the number of cameras that can be connected to a system.

MultiCam Systems’ standard SDI-equipped configurations offer up to five SDI inputs, while the new IP support enables radio stations to use many more cameras throughout multiple rooms without the need for additional hardware.

Transitioning to IP transport will also eliminate the typical need for a 19-inch rack mount server. These servers can be replaced with a much smaller unit, thus reducing the necessary rack space and costs associated with maintenance and energy consumption, the company adds.

Stand 12.E56