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IBC Sneak Peek: Tieline Offers Options

Introduces Genie Distribution and HTML5 ToolBox Web-GUI

At IBC2015 Tieline is showcasing Genie Distribution, a multi-channel and multi-network 1RU codec, now capable of connecting up to six simultaneous connections over IP, SIP, ISDN and POTS. Genie Distribution can also stream multiple algorithms simultaneously, at different sample rates and bit-rates, over all network transports.

With pressure on reducing operational costs, broadcasters are looking for cost-effective solutions to distribute programming and replace costly satellite, circuit switched and MPLS IP infrastructure, explains the firm. A single Genie Distribution codec can transmit or receive multiple IP audio streams in multi-unicast or multicast modes, delivering substantial savings in hardware costs, it adds.

Tieline will also unveil a new HTML5 version of its Toolbox Web-GUI at the show. The new HTML5 Toolbox is compatible with the Genie, Merlin and Bridge-IT codec families and, according to the company, has been developed to improve the user experience with codec command and control. With some major Web-browsers moving away from Java compatibility, explains Tieline, it is delivering a new option, which runs on modern browsers.

The HTML5 Toolbox web-GUI will run on computers and tablets, as well as iOS and Android smartphones.

IBC stand: 8E74