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Korg Upgrades MR Recorders

Software upgrades add new features

Korg has upgraded its MR line of solid-state recorders in a series of recent software changes.

The MR-2000S is the recipient of a new operating system, version 1.5. New features include the ability to synchronize to facilitate multitrack DSD projects. Also, a dual-mono mode has been added along with enabling audible monitoring during fast-forwarding or rewinding. A number of workflow process tweaks have been initiated as well.

The whole MR family has received a new version of the AudioGate file management/conversion software. Version 2.0 has new file editing tools such as Normalize for exporting files at full level without clipping (increased from ±24 dB to ±60 dB). Also added was Korg’s AQUA dithering scheme for what Korg claims is a more musical and natural sound.

AudioGate 2.0 brings greater compatibility with several file formats such as FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless and Windows Media Audio on the Mac. Greater compatibility with album artwork and other embedded images was included as well.

AudioGate 2.0 is free for Korg MR series owners.