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Laptops Gone Wild

Durabook D14RM takes a licking and keeps on ticking

So the minivan is serviceable and carries the kids and groceries, but what you really want is a Jeep. With big tires! And a rollbar with lights! No sissy Coach interior either!

Welcome to the world of GammaTech Computer Corp. and the Durabook D14RM laptop computer.

Magnesium alloy casing; shock-mounted disk drive and 14.1-inch LCD screen; spill-resistant keyboard, touchpad and switches; Kensington lock; all built and tested to meet military standards (MIL-STD-810-F).

Other features include LED lighting for the keyboard, SD card reader, fingerprint scanner, PCMCIA slot, onboard wireless and four USB ports, along with an HDMI port for video output. All stuffed into a 5.5 pound package.

Options include a touchscreen, Webcam, Bluetooth and GPS. Intel Montevina mobile platform CPUs are used to run things. Windows Vista is the OS. Okay, maybe that last thing is like having the Coach interior but you still want one anyway!